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Applications of the TimeInspectorII measuring system

The “TimeInspectorII” measurement system has a wide range of measurement options. Delivery control, drive parameter optimization, fault localization and preventive maintenance in mechanics, safety-related follow-up time measurements, safety-related switching time measurements of switching elements and controls and applications on endurance test benches are the most important.

Due to the uncomplicated handling, the fast measurement recording and the evaluation of the measurements, the TimeInspectorII is a versatile measuring device.

Application for a meaningful delivery documentation (machine manufacturer):

  • Documentation of the travel time
  • Documentation of the speed curve
  • Documentation of the repeat accuracy of the overall system
  • Documentation of the stop behaviour in the end positions and in case of emergency stop
  • Optimization of drive parameters and cycle times

Fault localization and preventive maintenance:

  • Determine and locate mechanical sluggishness
  • Early recognition and localisation of mechanical play in guided tours
  • Recording position losses and control inaccuracies

Follow-up time measuring device and safety-related applications:

  • Measure switching times of contactors, safety switching devices (light curtain, two-hand start, emergency stop…) and safety logics
  • Follow-up time measurements with automatic protocol generation
  • Consideration of the triple standard deviation according to EN ISO 13855

Application on endurance test stands:

  • Consistency of the motion sequences
  • insertion of additional switching signals into the measurement kinematics