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Beside the basic equipment there are helpful accessories for the TimeInspectorII.

Non-contact rotation sensor:
With the contactless measuring rotation sensor, rotary movements of up to 50,000 revolutions per minute can be recorded. The sensor does not require any special reflective foil or special code strips.
Normal adhesive tape with black felt-tip markings is completely sufficient. A stripe pattern from your home printer as well!

Rotary encoder for use on smooth round rotary surfaces or tape runs. The measuring wheels are available in different diameters and with different surface profiles.

Do you have larger measuring lengths?
No problem! Rope encoders with other lengths or with parallax can be used.

Mechanical actuators for follow-up time measurements:
The use of the mechanical actuator has the advantage that you can carry out follow-up time measurements without having to loop the potential-free switching outputs of the TimeInspectorsII into the external control system. This not only saves time when performing follow-up time measurements, but also takes into account all switching times, e.g. those of the ESPE or the two-hand start relay.  The actuator is read back internally and the tripping time of approx. 25ms is automatically taken into account in the measurements. The auto-trigger function makes it possible to carry out representative multiple measurements and always interrupt the movement over the measurement series at the same time. This is essential especially for very short or dynamic motion sequences.

Magnetic tripods, cable deflectors and special mounts: HMT supplies tried and tested equipment for mounting sensors and cable deflectors in inaccessible measuring conditions.

Do you have special measuring tasks? Let us know. Special measuring tasks are a challenge for us!