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The sensors

The sensors

Various transducers can be connected as measuring sensors.

The standard sensor is an incremental cable pull system from a renowned German manufacturer with a measuring length of 6000 mm, a resolution of approx. 6 micrometers and a repeat accuracy of 0.05 mm. Thus you have some reserves even in the basic equipment and can also record longer measuring distances (e.g. robot applications, large turning devices, transfer carriages…).

The encoder is high-resolution to ensure interpolation error-free curve recording even at low measuring speeds and high recording rates.
In all this, the standard encoder is very compact. Due to the removable magnetic feet, it can be easily mounted on the measuring inserts.
Compare the encoders with competitor systems. In some cases, only extension lengths of 2m are possible, or, if longer extension lengths are available at all, then with very high surcharges of more than 1,500 €.

Other cable encoders (measuring length, dynamics, resolution) and measuring wheels can be easily connected to the TimeInspectorII.

The integrated connector coding allows the encoder to operate with the correct incremental encoder constant even with different encoders.

An optical encoder can be connected directly to the measuring electronics for non-contact measurement of fast rotational movements (e.g. turning and milling spindles). The sensor works with relatively low contrast. A light grey adhesive tape with black lines of a felt-tip pen works without problems. A special reflective foil is not necessary. The sensor can be easily placed and aligned on drills, milling machines and other machines with turning spindles using the compact magnetic stand with central clamping.

If you have special requirements, please let us know. Individual problem solutions are a welcome challenge for us.