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The Software

The TimeInspectorII software provides the following functions:

  1. define specifications for the follow-up time measurements
  2. start measurement manually, trigger if necessary and stop recording
  3. when the measurement is finished, the viewer is opened and the measurement with curve is displayed directly
  4. zoom, measure and define trigger time in the curve display
  5. view the follow-ups of measurements in overviews
  6. describe measurements and generate a test report
  7. archive and import measurement series
  8. the operating instructions are stored electronically in the device

All functions are practice-oriented and optimized for carrying out measurements and documentation!

The measurement specifications for the follow-up measurement are clearly laid out in the measurement menu. Trigger flanks, value specifications and, if applicable, type of autotrigger are all clearly displayed on one page. The same applies to the state of the wired inputs and outputs. Furthermore the connector feedback of the sensors (wire encoder 1 or 2, rotary sensor, support button) and the mechanical actuator.

Measuring menu: All measurement specifications and information are clearly displayed on one page













A measurement with automatic path triggering after 200mm is preselected here.
The Cable encoder and actuator are connected. Specification for distance calculation: BWS, vertical with d=30mm

After the measurement, the viewer is automatically opened and the measurement is displayed.










The used calculation formula and the result of the distance calculation are displayed.
Relevant status confirmations can be displayed and hidden.

The zoom function can be used to optimize the display of the measurement.

In the curves can be measured and the auto-trigger can be graphically defined by distance or time.

Define the start and end points with a mouse click. The delta for v and s is calculated.
The end point can be used as an auto-trigger for distance or time.