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measuring electronics

The measuring electronics

The measuring electronics is the heart of the measuring system. Modern microelectronics and reliable components guarantee safe operation.
The measuring electronics is very compact and has a handy size. Unlike comparable competitors, there is no heavy, box-bound measuring electronics with an impractical 24V battery or exclusive operation via a 230V mains connection.
No permanent mains connection or PC is required to carry out measurements. This makes it possible, for example, to attach the measuring electronics to mobile units and to record additional movements during operation (e.g. a lifting movement on a long linear axis).

The powerful LiPo battery set with integrated charging electronics ensures long operating times.

The measuring electronics works as a data logger. You don’t have to hurry to make your follow-up time measurements or think about memory overflows, as with other devices. Long-term recordings (seconds to months) are possible. Thus, the measuring electronics can also be used for motion and switching signal recording, e.g. on endurance test benches.

The menu navigation is clear and comprehensible!

The time sampling rate is variable from 0.5 ms. For fast processes with high dynamics and precise switching information, select 0.5 ms. If, for example, you only want to count events, you can set an arbitrarily larger sampling rate.

Measurements are stored with date and time in the measuring electronics.

The input trigger and the two output triggers can be preselected as rising or falling. Further three additional measuring inputs are available. The external signals can be easily connected to the measuring electronics via the cage clamp connections.

Cable encoder, rotary sensor, support probe and mechanical actuator can be connected directly to the measuring electronics. The plug connections are monitored and implausible measurement preselections are locked.